At the Zoo - Bison
Last fall I went to the Berlin Tierpark, and right behind the entrance was the bison enclosure - and a coffee stall. As we waited in line for a hot drink, 1.5m apart each, I got out my iPad Pro and sketched one of these fascinating giants. Their massive, angular head and hump make them look like they're about to headbutt something or charge forward. Yet there is some elegance about them. Unfortunately, the one I sketched decided to wander to and thro, munching on grass and hiding behind an oak tree. I could try and blame it for the struggles I went through with this project - but I'll be honest with you: It was the background. Too much foliage.
The exploration process
The sketch, a more or less abandoned colored version of that sketch, a simplified vector outline, in-progress versions of the digital and the analog watercolor pictures
Watercolor and pencil - details, high contrast photograph, finished piece
Digital watercolor and textures
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