I cat hear you
I got inspired by a cat born with 4 ears, as seen in a video from the YouTube channel "Daily Dose of Internet". That cat, I thought, was definetely the guide to some mythical quest item, or maybe selling some powerful magical jewels.
Also: Dragon - check. Mermaid - check. Magical cat? Check! This year seems to be the year of fantastic beasts for me. :)
Sketches and details
Including "cat in pink" because three enthusiastic kids from Albany walked up to me in a restaurant, charmed me into giving them access to my iPad and decided the cat wasn't complete without a dash of pink. This colored layer actually made it into the final version! (blend mode applied and nearly transparent)
As you can see I eventually decided to go without wings, so unfortunately for stylistic reasons our magical cat cannot fly.
Thanks for watching, have a wonderful day!
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