Mermaid of the Deep Sea
A personal project - I am experimenting with Procreate - that took me further than I had expected. I saw a shot of a probably new species of squid on social media, and was fascinated by the semi-transparent, glassy texture of it, the seeming vulnerability of the internal organs visually exposed. My sketch was to my liking, I was having a great time, and I thought I would finish in no more than two hours.
Cue Behance, where I saw some further awesome Mermay projects. The characters seemed to live in shallow, sunlit water, surrounded by colorful friends. What about the ocean's trenches, the deep sea, I wondered. What would a merperson from those places look like?
I imagined her to be an otherworldly goddess, full of secrets, despite her brain being laid bare to the eye of any observer.
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