The Bluetooth Dragon
The Bluetooth Dragon is a mythical creature of ancient modern times. It nests in old smartphone cases or baggy jeans and loves to snack on SIM cards. Although technically a fearsome lizard it does not outgrow 30cm in height, and its small wings are suitable only for short flight distances. Some species have been known to feast on cookies during adolescence. Its mighty distortion roar can be heard via wireless headphones, where it also listens in to your music and wriggles appreciatively.
Some scholars have entertained the theory that old modern cultures from the 90s might have had a Bluetooth Dragon constellation in the Northern sky. It is thought to have symbolized a form of meditative imagery exchange, a primitive technique that transmitted data only when phones were put in close proximity. This theory is of yet heavily debated, others simply see a seahorse.
Bluetooth Dragon - Small lizard
Bluetooth Dragon - Cookie obsession
Bluetooth Dragon - The constellation
Ideation and Sketches
I was in search for a mascot of modern communications technology and thought it would be fun to use established symbols as a base for animals. Since bluetooth implies teeth and color already, it was perfect.
Ideation done in Adobe Fresco, the dragon in pastels was drawn together with friends (each doing one section, I did the head) and the cookie eater saw the light of day in Adobe Sketch, though I did the final vector version in Fresco. I have tried to vary the way the symbol works: as eyes, teeth or part of the body.
Long distance relationships are not for creatures as easily attached as the Bluetooth Dragon. If you find one, keep it close!
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