What I miss: Live music
In 2017 we spontaneously went to a pub in Berlin. It was almost empty, but there was this Australian guy playing guitar and singing about - well, nothing in particular. Just life. We shared a pint, he was interesting to talk to, and he made music as if performing for a much bigger crowd, aided by our cheers. It doesn’t sound like much, maybe, but it was a gentle form of social happiness I deeply miss.

Today I came across his picture, and drew this in 4 hours, first as a pencil sketch and then with digital watercolor in Fresco.

A shout-out to all who perform for a live audience: Hang in there, we miss you. It's a horrible situation to be in, and I feel that nothing I can say wouldn’t sound hollow to you.
I dropped my Apple Pencil, and ever since little sprinkles appear whenever I draw with watercolors... You can see the effect on the picture in the middle, just look at that shirt. Argh. I've tried some tricks to not have this effect show in the final piece.
Thank you for watching!
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